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Eric V. Gonnason


Born Novemer 5, 1952, in Seattle.  Attended primary schools in Mukilteo, Everett, Marysville, secondary schools in Hailey Idaho, Lake Worth, Florida and Bellevue, Washington.

Earned Bachelor of Arts degree in History, with a minor in Political Science and Women’s Studies from University of Arizona, 2001.  Semi-retired, worked in underground mines, auto assembly, odd jobs, then 28 years as an analyst in aerospace/defense.  Former member of United Steelworkers, Teamsters, United Auto Workers and International Union of Operating Engineers.  Lived in all four corners of US, spent time in British Columbia, Mexico, Marshall Islands.  Presently living on sailboat in Port Orchard.


This candidacy is my applying for a job in which I intend to help the town of Port Orchard be all it can be.  My campaign is against the malaise and mediocrity that characterizes the town as I found it upon moving here in October, 2011.  The dismal condition of the “downtown,” waterfront area is the self-portrait of the city’s leadership over the last two decades, and is a good indicator of a desperate need for a new, dynamic and positive approach.   The atmosphere along the Bay Street corridor is ‘”business hostile,” as blatantly displayed by the chronic vacancies of major storefronts.  This can only be the result of a top-down culture of overregulation, restrictions and needless impediments to business growth in an area bursting with potential, yet stifled by bureaucracy and taxation.  Much of the area is an eyesore.

The only business classes that seem to thrive in this environment are the bail-bondsmen, saloons and tattoo parlors – brothels and opium dens can’t be far behind.

Honest and vibrant revitalization projects and initiatives such as a new public market/plaza and enhanced foot ferry service receive negative press when they should be encouraged.

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