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Financial Disclosure

November 5, 2013

Please review the breakdown below as evidence that this candidate made no effort to “buy” the office of City Council person At-Large.  I especially wish to thank all who contributed financially and with their time, energy and encouragement, and especially wish to recognize the priceless contribution of Lary Coppola and his “source of ours” who took such extraordinary pains to dig up negative intelligence on me and could only come up with “issues” regarding my “residence”…?  This ended up in the “plus” column.

Thanks again, Lary!

Cash Donations                                    $  50



$  80

Total                                                        $680

In-kind Donations                                  $150

Total                                                         $826

Personal contributions   Filing fee     $  92

Business cards  $  33

Screws f/signs    $   1

Grand Total                                            $956


 In kind                                                  $150

Filing fee                                              $  92

Business cards  $  33

Screws f/signs  $   1

Signs and banners                                $550

Grand Total                                            $826

Surplus                                                   $130


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