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Gonnason for Port Orchard

August 9, 2013

Port Orchard is being called a “diamond in the rough,” a “quaint seaside village,” “full of potential.” Yet why does the central business district, the “old town,” look so much like a ghost town, like a “red-light district,” “skid road” or “Tenderloin?” Why are so many buildings standing empty, boarded up, surrounded by chain link? Why are all of the other waterfront towns in West Puget Sound thriving, inviting destinations-of-choice, and Port Orchard is just an on-the-way to somewhere else?

None of the excuses offered by town leaders adequately answer any of these questions.

No one even hints at taking responsibility.

Port Orchard is ready for fresh, new, dynamic leadership.

Port Orchard is ready to have her day in the sun.

My objective is to bring back the “sense of place” a town needs for people to feel they belong.

Where people and families feel safe and look forward to coming here.

Where businesses feel they are welcome and can prosper.

And there is certainly no need to fix or change the form of city government when there nothing “broken” about it.

My key objectives for our town are:

1. Make the downtown , waterfront corridor more customer-friendly by raising parking time limit from 2 to 4 hours. This will give people ample time to comfortably enjoy all that downtown has to offer.

2. Make downtown more business-friendly by reducing taxation and easing the permitting process.

3. Make downtown more family-friendly by reducing the “sleaze factor” and welcoming residents from annexed areas further inland.

Port Orchard has initiatives already in motion to breathe new life into her downtown, waterfront corridor and, with your help, we can see them through to a successful new beginning.


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